The only dynamic pharmaceutical delivery in the world!

Optimize your delivery service with Vaistat !

How does it work?

Vaistat offers you a simple and easy-to-use platform for your staff (ATP, Deliverers, Clerks).

Using a “Web based” platform, so no software installation necessary and on-demand technology, your delivery person receives delivery requests in real time on our driver application.

No more paper, no more human errors, make way for efficient management, cost reduction and harmonization of your delivery service

Your delivery person cannot deliver to your patients?

The PUBLIC MODE  option gives you access to hundreds of Vaistat couriers ready to take over at any time!

Delivery costs vary according to the KM carried out by the Vaistat delivery person and the labels selected to personalize everything. Don’t worry, our platform tells you the cost in real time before confirming the delivery.

No surprises, no hidden fees!

A simple and efficient process

1. Plan your requests

2. Entry of requests

Entry of requests by your ATP’S

3. Receipt of deliveries

Receipt in real time of deliveries by your delivery person on the Vaistat delivery application

4. Route Optimization

Optimization of the route from the pharmacy to the customer

5. Delivery completed successfully

Features tailored to your needs!

  • Interactive delivery tracking
  • Labels customized to your needs
  • Access to hundreds of delivery people using our public mode
  • Alert your patient when the driver is on his way to delivery
  • Management of the hours worked by your deliverers
  • Detailed delivery reports
  • Cost optimization

Reduce costs and optimize!

29.99$ / month

Less than 1$ / day

Opt for a reliable, secure, and personalized delivery platform!

Your satisfaction is the key to our success

  • As a pharmacist-owner, it is important to have dedicated and professional business partners, just like me. I can say that this is the case with the VaiStat team! Steeve and his associates are always available, always ready for a new project and, above all, always concerned about the image of my company, VaiStat is an indispensable asset.
    By ensuring that my delivery service is impeccable for my customers regardless of the territory, the Vaistat technology and platform allows me to develop my business like never before!
    Thank you to the whole Vaistat team!

    Ricardo Rémy, pharmacist-owner
    Owner at GRG pharmacists and associates
  • The Vaistat platform is easy to use for our entire team and offers unparalleled traceability of our deliveries. The delivery people are professional and courteous, the service is superb. We highly recommend them!

    Van Minh Nguyen
    Pharmacien inc.
  • I have been doing delivery for more than 5 years and have gone through several applications. VAISTAT is by far the most innovative application and also one that has thought about the safety of delivery people on our roads. I like Vaistat!

    Ronald Augustin
  • I have been a Vaistat delivery person since December 2020. I only have positive things to say about my experience. The application is very easy to use and allows me to properly plan my delivery days. It's easy money every week!
    Thank you Vaistat

    Sébastien M.
  • In fact, Vaistat is just awesome! Another application that allows me to manage my schedule as I want. I can choose to cashout at any time. I am sold to Vaistat!

    Denis P.
  • I have been a delivery person for a pharmacy owner for 1 year. I use the Vaistat app daily. It reduced errors and allowed me to optimize my routes! For me there is nothing easier than this application.

    Ana-Lise L.
  • Our pharmacy is pleased to work with the VaiStat team. We are always served with efficiency and professionalism by your entire team, delivery person included.
    Thank you VaiStat!

    Pharmacy Rudy Hinh-Thai Inc
    BRUNET Affiliate
  • We have been working with Vaistat for 2 years now, they offer a very professional service and a very good knowledge of the needs and challenges of the pharmaceutical industry.
    Plus, their delivery platform is comprehensive and easy to use.
    The best medical delivery service offered in Quebec, highly recommended.

    Chadi Kabak - Pharmacy owner
    Pharmacy Proxim Chadi Kabak
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